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Internationally renowned SharePoint Expert

Principal, Consejo

Shawn Shell is the founder and Principal consultant at Consejo, Inc., a firm specializing in the development of information worker solutions. Shawn has spent almost twenty years in the information technology field. He has a broad range of experience, from help desk management to consulting practice management. He brings both the tactical experience of an inside IT professional, with the broad, strategic experience of a senior consultant.

For the last seven years, Shawn has concentrated on the development of content management solutions using primarily Microsoft technologies, including SharePoint, Office, Groove, Content Management Server, Live Communication Server and Mondosoft’s Ontolica Suite. Prior to founding Consejo, Shawn held various management roles at Dell, Inc.


Consejo is a Chicago-based technology consulting firm for small & medium businesses and not-for-profit agencies. They work with the challenges of leveraging technology in organizations that don’t have large budgets or “infinite” staff resources and operate on the philosophy that the technology should supplement and enhance productivity, not create more work.

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Tuesday, November 4th: 13.00 - 16.00


Wednesday, November 5th: 14.30 - 15.15

Track: SharePoint Web

High-fidelity Web Content Management with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

While SharePoint ubiquity "inside the firewall" is all but established, it's less well-known outside of the firewall. Having twilighted it's only web content management tool (Content Management Server 2002) in lieu of SharePoint, organizations must decide whether SharePoint fits their external web site. During this session, we'll look at what SharePoint brings in the WCM space. In addition, we'll discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of implementing SharePoint for public web sites.

Key points:

  • Overview of WCM in SharePoint
  • Strengths and weaknesses of WCM in SharePoint
  • What not to do with SharePoint
  • Advice for your implementation