Picture of Sara RedinSara Redin

Analyst & Master of Information Science, J. Boye

As an Analyst Sara evaluates content management and portal vendors, conduct workshops on best practices, and provides analyst services to J. Boye customers.

Previously Sara was web consultant doing web content management and strategy work with Nycomed. Prior to Nycomed, she was Corporate Webmaster with Dyrup, where she rolled out new web sites on a new CMS in 11 countries. Later she managed a redesign project and a roll-out of upgraded functionality.

Sara presented at cmf2005 and cmf2006 and has also spoken at many other venues.

She's often quoted saying:

Implement according to standards - plan according to your organisation.

Saras mission is to find the way to sustainable and valuable web solutions that provide the best user experience, on the front and back-end. To achieve this she has gathered a toolbox of more or less conventional tools that she loves to share.

J. Boye

J. Boye is an independent, vendor-neutral analyst firm focusing on several aspects of digital media, including web strategy, governance, intranet, portals, social media and CMS.

With a mission to help mature a young market our main activities are:

  • The J. Boye Community of Practice
    Knowledge sharing in a vendor-neutral, professional and stimulating environment.
    The core idea or “foundation” of our Community of Practice is knowledge sharing among members with comparable roles and challenges. The aim is sharing of best practice, experiences and state of the art solutions, raising the bar for online content, processes and products. We have more than 200 members in 10 European countries.
  • J. Boye Conferences
    We host user conferences with tutorials, discussions and topical tracks. Our unique position as facilitators of the J. Boye Community of Practice means we are in constant dialogue with many interesting companies and organisations. We feed the challenges, problems and success stories of all our members into the planning of the conferences. This ensures that our conference programs are relevant. jboye08 is our biggest and most ambitious conference thus far with 8 daily tracks, over 75 speakers and upwards of 300 delegates. Our next conference is in Philadelphia, US in early May.
  • Reports
    J. Boye regularly publish own analyst briefings, most recently Best Practices for Using SharePoint for Public Websites and Wiki in the Enterprise. We also contribute to several CMS Watch reports, including the recognized Web CMS Report, the Enterprise Portals Report and the Enterprise Social Software Report.
  • Services
    We can assist at all stages and during all phases of project scoping, development and execution. We lead organisations safely through web and intranet projects, and help them ensure they make the right decisions every step of the way.
  • Events
    We organise and host a wide variety of events:
    • Half and full day seminars
    • Courses
    • Master Classes
    • Community of Practice meetings
    • Conferences
    Our seminars and conferences are open to anyone interested in the topic on the program. Members of our experienced team host, present, chair and moderate the events, ensuring appropriate levels of expert input and time for questions and answers.

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Thursday, November 6th: 14.30 - 15.15

Track: Web Communication & Project Management

The Catch-22 of the Web Project Manager

Many stumble into it; some choose it and the lucky few who make a success of it might even enjoy it. Although it seems as if anyone can become one, being a web project manager isn’t a job for everyone!

It requires cross-organisational operation as well as interdisciplinary skills, and it is a job in which you are often alone. As a web project manager you are likely to be asked to make decisions where you only have half the necessary information, no real mandate and totally inadequate funds. Being caught in a deadlock of frozen budgets, increased project scope and impossible deadlines is just business as usual. However, there are ways of improving your chances of success. In this talk we will explore some of those. The contents of the session derive from the many discussions in J. Boye’s Community of Practice, teachings and findings from different experts and the personal experiences of Sara Redin.

What NOT To Do When Selecting a Web CMS

Thursday, November 6th: 15.45 - 16.45

Track: Finding the right Web CMS

You’ve heard the experts tell you what you should do when procuring a Web CMS, but in this lively session we’ll reveal what you should NOT do. We’ll discuss the critical mistakes and pitfalls that many buyers make when selecting a Web CMS, so that you do not make the same missteps. Please join us for a session that you cannot afford to miss!