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Mother of Web Operations Management

Founder & Consultant, WelchmanPierpoint

Lisa Welchman is the founder of WelchmanPierpoint. She has pioneered the field of Web Operations Management by distinguishing Web strategy, governance, execution and measurement as it pertains to large Web sites, and creating innovative, practical solutions for clients. Lisa is a sought after speaker for national and international content management conferences and symposiums for her insightful analysis of the complex problems faced by large-scale Web sites. Lisa wields a sharp ability to define and distinguish the over-arching principles of designing and maintaining large Content Management System-driven Web sites and is a recognized thought leader in the area of information governance.

Lisa leads consulting engagements with a combination of high-level strategic vision, clear understanding of the challenges of senior executives, and real-world problem solving. Lisa has been working with truly large Web properties since 1996.

Prior to her work with Web content management, Lisa was a ratings analyst and coordinating producer for King World Productions. Lisa holds a BS in Philosophy from the University of North Carolina and was a Philosophy Fellow at Columbia University.


WelchmanPierpoint has defined the field of Web Operations Management. They know effective Web sites start with sound Web operations and understand the challenges inherent to managing a cross-functional information channel. Since 1999, they’ve helped clients align their Web operations with the business strategies and objectives of their organizations in order to maximize efficiencies and operational returns.

Their team works with each client to establish models that position the Web site as an integral, strategic component of the organization based on the four components of Web Operations Management— strategy, governance, execution and measurement. They support clients in all aspects of Web Operations Management including Web operations assessments and strategic roadmaps, Web governance model formation, Web policy and standards development, content and information strategies and architecture, vendor neutral product selection and more.

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