Picture of Jarrod GingrasJarrod Gingras

Analyst, CMS Watch

Jarrod Gingras is an Analyst at CMS Watch. Here he covers web content management, enterprise social software and related content technologies with a special focus on usability and system adoption.

He is a co-author of The Web Content Management Report 2008, The Enterprise Search Report 2008, The Enterprise Social Software Report 2008, and blogs regularly on cmswatch.com.

In addition, Jarrod has worked as a consultant, developing and implementing user-focused content management strategies and solutions. His expertise includes enterprise technology selection, taxonomy development, information architecture, and user interface design.

CMS Watch

CMS Watch is an independent source of analysis and advice on content technologies. In addition to the freely-available articles, CMS Watch publishes technology reports that provide independent analysis and practical advice regarding web content management, records management, enterprise portal, and enterprise search solutions.

Their reports help sort out the complex landscape of potential solutions so that project teams can minimize the time and effort to identify and evaluate technologies suited to their particular requirements.

To retain thier independence as a vendor-neutral analyst firm, CMS Watch works solely for solutions buyers and never for the vendors they cover.

Today, enterprises are making substantial and sometimes high-risk investments in major content management and search solutions. CMS Watch evaluations help mitigate this risk by providing effective guidance for a small fraction of the overall project investment.



Tuesday, November 4th: 09.00 - 12.00


Thursday, November 6th: 15.45 - 16.45

Track: Finding the right Web CMS

What NOT To Do When Selecting a Web CMS

You’ve heard the experts tell you what you should do when procuring a Web CMS, but in this lively session we’ll reveal what you should NOT do. We’ll discuss the critical mistakes and pitfalls that many buyers make when selecting a Web CMS, so that you do not make the same missteps. Please join us for a session that you cannot afford to miss!