Picture of Dana ChisnellDana Chisnell

Author of The Handbook of Usability Testing

Usability and User Research Consultant, UsabilityWorks

Dana is an independent usability consultant and user researcher who founded UsabilityWorks in San Francisco, CA. She has been doing usability research, user interface design, and technical communications consulting and development since 1982.

Dana took part in her first usability test in 1983 while she was working as a research assistant at the Document Design Center. It was on a mainframe office system developed by IBM. Since then, she has worked with hundreds of study participants, for dozens of clients, to learn about design issues in software, hardware, web sites, online services, games, and ballots (and probably other things that are better forgotten about). She has helped several companies perform usability tests and other user research to inform and improve the designs of their products and services.

Dana’s colleagues consider her an expert in usability issues for older adults and plain language. (She says she’s still learning.) Lately, she has been working on issues related to ballot design and usability and accessibility in voting.

Dana is author of the popular Handbook of Usability Testing.


UsabilityWorks in San Francisco, CA was founded by Dana Chisnell.

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Tuesday, November 4th: 09.00 - 12.00


Wednesday, November 5th: 15.45 - 16.45

Track: Web 2.0

Clearing the way to informed design

Organizations have all kinds of reasons for not doing user research and usability testing. And are disappointed when the collaboration, dialogue and user-generated content, that was planned for the web 2.0 project, are just not happening.

We’ll talk about typical reasons for avoiding user research, obstacles that attendees have run into, and how to get past those issues to gather user data to inform design decisions – in all kind of web projects.